His Only Song

Ever since Zaiah was an infant, he has loved for me to sing Jesus Loves Me as he goes to sleep.  Now four years old, he wants me to stroke his face and rub his head while he listens and snuggles under his covers with his beloved blankie.

Just one problem.  It’s his ONLY song.

The other kids in the car may be singing with the radio.  But over everyone, Zaiah is belting out Jesus Loves Me.  It makes Abby and Eli so mad.

And then there was the hospital incident.  We took cookies to the nurses at the hospital, and while we were there, we sang Christmas Carols.  Not Zaiah.  He sang Jesus Loves Me the whole time.

And give that boy a guitar.  He holds it backwards, strums real fast, and sings – actually yells – Jesus Loves Me.

Cute.  And sweet.  And so right.

God’s love changes everything.  Forever.

His love brings me hope.   It brings me purpose.  It gives me life:  abundant, joyful, and everlasting life.

So sing, Zaiah. Sing.

Because your steadfast love is better than life, my lips will praise you.

Psalm 63:3 NIV