The cat goes flying down the hallway.   I have no idea what exactly spooked him.  However, we can’t help but laugh as he looses his footing and the back end of him slides towards his face.

Humor is a great distraction from cutting.  It’s difficult to be laughing and continue to feel that deep seeded hatred for myself that comes flying to the surface in the face of rejection or shame. 

That’s why laughter is at the top of my list as I make a safety plan that keeps me on the road to healing ran than self destruction.  

Here is a safety plan focused on humor:

  1. Play with your animal.  Maybe put socks img_0746on  his feet and watch him freak out.
  2. Watch funny animal video’s on you-tube.
  3. Watch Chonda Peirce.  She is a Christian Comedian.  She also comes from a background of depression.
  4. Tickle a kid.
  5. Dump ice on your spouse in the shower.
  6. Put toothpaste on your family members’ face. Wait for them to wake up and smear it.
  7. Paint your husbands nails pink while he is sleeping.  Hide the nail polish remover.
  8. Play “Jaws” on any instrument.
  9. Splash in a pool.
  10. Watch video’s of your kids when they were little.