Duct Tape

My mom, or ‘Mimi,’ broke her ankle and was immobile for 7 weeks.  Despite my explaining that she would, in fact, walk again,  the kids were very concerned.  As we packed up to leave for our most recent visit, Leesy brought me a roll of duct tape.

I have a great idea!  We can tape Mimi’s leg and she will walk like us!

Well, as it worked out, the doctor released Mimi to begin walking while we were visiting.   My dad told Leesy that the doctor thought duct tape was a great idea and they let her tape up Mimi’s foot before she tried to walk.  When Mimi took that first step, Leesy’s eyes got gigantic and a smile spread across her face!

As sweet as the three-year old doctor scenario played out, it doesn’t change the truth.  Duct tape can’t fix a broken leg.  Just like I can’t fix a broken heart.

Sometimes life does’t go as planned.  Sometimes the best of intentions get construed.  Sometimes people mess up.  We live in a broken world.  My heart will be hurt.  It will be broken by others.  It is continually broken in my own sin.  And I can’t fix it.

But I don’t have to.  God – in a way only our loving creator could – mends my broken heart.  He makes it new.

It’s all God.  Only God.