What’s Wrong with Me? Part 6

It ‘s plaguing us but no one wants to talk about it.  It’s taboo.  It’s messy and it’s shamed.

Cutting.  I really think that people would rather talk about suicide.  Honestly, we have all went through hurt, shame, or grief that brought us so close to death that we could all but taste ait,breath it, and touch it .  Suicide makes sense in some way.  We can all identify with ending the pain.

But cutting?  What is wrong with me? \\

Cutting causes pain.  How does it make sense to cut?

“Self harm releases endorphins a chemical that is calming and addictive and also some people feel they need to be punished so it makes them feel better but only for a little while before they get upset again”

Basically, cutting is a quick fix to a long term problem.