The Mess

My kids are 6,10 11, and 14.  Somehow, though, it seems the bigger they get, the bigger mess they make.  I leave the house for a couple hours and come back to a house that looks like a tornado hit it.  Clothes strewn everywhere.  The dogs ate the kids lunches and left trash everywhere. A slime project, half finished, sits on the table.  A multitude of cups take over the kitchen, and somehow, I find enough dishes to fill the dishwasher already.

I’m behind before and the day has barely begun.

But unlike when they were little tots running around, they are big enough to clean up their own mess.

Still, though, it overwhelms me.  And when I get overloaded,  I shut down and my anxiety and depression take a hold of me.

And that’s when I have to put emotions in the back seat.  No more letting them drive my life.  I have to say to myself…… I feel overwhelmed but the facts and evidence are that they will eventually get it cleaned up and their mess is not a reflection of me.  I feel like this because my mom kept the house immaculate and I feel bad that I can’t keep up with that as a mother.  The truth is that we have different situations and personalities as mothers. And so, we will have different results.  A tidy house is not always the first choice in our home.  I have different priorities and different strengths.


 Proverbs 14:30 A tranquil heart gives life to the flesh, but envy makes the bones rot.