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Do you ever feel alone? You are not. We all struggle with the toddler who won’t eat their peas and the teething baby who wakes all night long and wades in the juice pool that your dog just dumped from the table. When you realize that motherhood IS precious, and that as fellow mothers, we can laugh together – then, we can clearly see the precious blessings God has bestowed upon us….. even if you do have to clean up spilled milk, again.

My series, The Truths of Motherhood, focus’ on just that – those moments that frustrate . But ultimately, we have to laugh. And despite every turmoil, God places very precious gifts of tenderness from the little blessing in our lives. I hope you enjoy this light read – I pray that God will refresh your spirit as He encourages and sustains you.

I will be giving away a free book from this series –  199 Truths about You and Your Preschooler.    If you “like” my facebook page, you will be entered to win.  The winner will be announced on January 18th.  

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